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PPG Foundation Scholarship Program

PPG first launched its scholarship program with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in 1956 as a way to support students wanting to further their education. Since then, the PPG Foundation has awarded more than 3,000 scholarships. This year, the PPG Foundation sponsored 27 new scholarships for both children of PPG employees and students who attend school in communities where PPG has a presence.

“The PPG Foundation has been a proud partner of the National Merit Scholarship Program for more than 60 years, supporting young people across the U.S. who are pursuing higher education,” said Malesia Dunn, executive director, PPG Foundation and corporate global social responsibility. “This year’s applicants were impressive and we wish them all the best as they head off to college.”

Meet this year's winners
In 2019, 27 new scholarships were awarded to deserving students through the PPG Foundation Scholarship Program. See below for more information about this year’s employee-child scholarship recipients and their plans for the future.

"The PPG Foundation National Merit Scholarship is a result of all my hard work and efforts through my life. I am honored to have this opportunity to contribute to my future."

Winner: Ryan Anderson
Parents: Dr. Lawrence Anderson & Dr. Linda Anderson

"I will be able to pursue my goals without worrying about the cost as much."

Winner: Katherine Burns
Parent: Donna Burns

"To me, this scholarship represents opportunity for my future endeavors in the medical field. This scholarship represents achievement and pride for all of the work and effort I have put in over the years."

Winner: Shannon Clontz
Parent: Charles Clontz

Winner: Trent Gerard
Parent: Jason Gerard

 Grace Kang
Parent: Guosheng Kang

"I am extremely appreciative to the scholarship committee for awarding me this honor. The PPG Foundation Scholarship will enable me to do so many amazing things and for that I am so grateful."

Winner: Lauren Lussier
Parent: Jasmin Lussier


"I would like to thank PPG for your generous scholarship. These funds will greatly assist me in my pursuit of higher education as I study to help care for the next generation."

Winner: Madelene Lussier
Parent: Jasmin Lussier

"Receiving this scholarship is meaningful to me because it shows me that PPG recognizes my potential for success—the same success that has been demonstrated by all of the hard working and intelligent innovators, scientists, and engineers of PPG. It is rewarding to know that PPG is supporting me throughout my education and I am very grateful for this honor." 

Winner: Megan Rinehart
Parent: Scott Rinehart

 Laura Schwendeman
Parents: John & Irina Schwendeman

"To me, the PPG Foundation National Merit Scholarship means an opportunity to pursue my passion while simultaneously maintaining connections close to home."

Winner: Maximillian Szalla
Parent: Amy Szalla

"I really appreciate this scholarship because it allows me to study what I am passionate about, and will help me to be successful in the future."

Winner: Madeline Thorstad
Parent: Jennifer Thorstad

"Recognition for the hard work I've done, support for future generations, an opportunity to make the foundation proud."

Winner: Amanda Zeng
Parent: Qi Zeng

Not pictured:

Winner: Riley Deringor
Parent:  Kevin Deringor
Winner: Laiken Griffith
Parent: Brian Griffith
Winner: Brigitta Tifft
Parent: Michael Tifft
Congratulations to all of this year’s winners. We look forward to seeing the difference you will make in the world!  

Interested in the 2021 PPG Foundation Scholarship Program for Employee-Children?
To enter your child in the 2021 PPG Foundation Scholarship Program,* follow the steps outlined below:
  • Access the Entry Form - http://programentry.nationalmerit.org/SFLPCHFD
  • Read the online scholarship program brochure in its entirety. Confirm you have read and understand the program procedures by marking the check box at the bottom of the page.
  • Confirm your child meets all participation requirements for the 2021 competition.
  • Complete the online “2021 PPG Foundation Scholarship Program Entry Form."
  • Review the form to make sure it's complete and accurate.
  • Read the “Submission Agreement."
  • Submit your child's Entry Form.
  • Print and retain a copy of the "Submission Confirmation" for your records.

*NOTE: Only students completing high school and entering college in fall 2021 are currently eligible.

We wish your child the best as he/she enters to win a 2021 PPG Foundation Scholarship.

How the program works
  • The PPG Foundation Scholarship program is administered through the National Merit Scholarship Program – the largest, independently financed competition for college undergraduate scholarships in the United States.

  • The Merit Scholarship Competition is conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), an independent, non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to scholarship activities.

  • All aspects of the selection of winners of the PPG Foundation Scholarship Program and the administration of their awards are handled by NMSC.

  • Winners are identified based on the results of their PSAT scores during their junior year of high school.
  • All PPG Foundation scholarships span up to four years of undergraduate college study (or until undergraduate degree requirements are completed, whichever comes first).

Community Scholarship
At least one Community Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student who attends school in a community with a PPG facility.

More information

Please address requests for further information about the NMSC Employee-Child Scholarship Program to:

PPG Foundation
NMSC Employee-Child Scholarship Program
One PPG Place
Pittsburgh, PA  15272

E-Mail:  foundation@ppg.com