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PPG Foundation Scholarship Program

In 2017, the PPG Foundation sponsored 49 new scholarships through its Foundation Scholarship Program: 
  • 4 PPG Employee-Child Merit scholarships;
  • 31 PPG Employee-Child Special scholarships; and
  • 14 Community scholarships.
This annual competition is administered through the National Merit Scholarship Program – the largest, independently financed competition for college undergraduate scholarships in the United States. The Merit Scholarship Competition is conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), an independent, non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to scholarship activities. NMSC’s purpose is to identify and honor exceptionally able high school students, as well as to provide a system of services for corporations, foundations and other organizations that wish to sponsor college undergraduate scholarships for outstanding students who interest them.
All aspects of the selection of winners of the PPG Foundation Scholarship Program and the administration of their awards are handled by NMSC. Winners are identified based on the results of their PSAT scores during their junior year of high school.

Scholarships are valid for up to four years of college study, or until undergraduate degree requirements are completed (whichever occurs first).

PPG employee-children who receive the distinction of National Merit Finalist automatically receive a four-year scholarship valued at $1,500 annually. PPG Special Scholarship winners are employee-children whose results immediately follow those of National Merit Finalists; they also receive four-year scholarships valued at $1,500 annually.

The Community scholarships are awarded to at least one exceptional student who attends school in a PPG-designated community and are also worth $1,500 each year for up to four years.
Winners have no obligation to the Foundation, although many students keep in touch with PPG throughout their undergraduate careers to provide updates about the progress of their education.

Since the PPG Foundation initiated the Foundation Scholarship Program in 1956, it has awarded a total of 3,591 scholarships.

2019 PPG Foundation Scholarship Program for Employee-Children

To enter your child in the 2019 PPG Foundation Scholarship Program,* refer to the procedure outlined below:
  • Read the scholarship program brochure in its entirety. Confirm you have read and understand the program procedures by marking the check box at the bottom of the page.
  • Confirm your child meets all participation requirements for the 2019 competition by marking the appropriate check boxes.
  • Complete the online “2019 PPG Foundation Scholarship Program Entry Form.”
  • Review the “Entry Form” for completeness and accuracy and read the “Submission Agreement.”
  • Submit your child's “Entry Form.”
  • Print and retain a copy of the "Submission Confirmation" for your records.
*NOTE: Only students completing high school and entering college in
fall 2019 are currently eligible.

We wish your child the best as he/she participates in the
2019 PPG Foundation Scholarship Program.


The Merit Program is limited to children of PPG employees who have been named National Merit Finalists by NMSC.

The 2017, Merit Scholarship winners are:
Winner PPG Parent(s) Work Location
Sai Bhatte Harshad Bhatte Monroeville, PA
Paul Blasiman Mark Blasiman Lima, OH
Karissa Huang Yichun (Christiana) Jia Cleveland, OH
Benjamin Rowles Robert Rowles Greensboro, NC


The Special Program is also limited to children of PPG employees. Students at this level are considered high-performing candidates, but their scores are just under those at the Merit level.
The 2017, Special Scholarship recipients are:
Winner PPG Parent(s) Work Location
Theresa Albrethsen Thomas Albrethsen Huron, OH
Emily Anderson Dr. Lawrence Anderson
& Dr. Linda Anderson
Allison Park, PA & Monroeville, PA
Margaret Backus Andrew Hetchler Strongsville, OH
Gurvardaan Bal Pushpinder Bal Sylmar, CA
Nicole Baldy Christopher Baldy Monroeville, PA
Natalie Beckerink Gregory Beckerink Huntsville, AL
Patrick Bem David Bem Pittsburgh, PA
Kelly Bergman Karen Bergman Pittsburgh, PA
Jocelyn Blackburn Forrest Blackburn Monroeville, PA
Alexandre Colaianne Michael Colaianne Pittsburgh, PA
Lillian Delehanty Patrick Delehanty Connecticut
Alex Goto Shu Goto Pittsburgh, PA
Killian Green Shannon Green Dallas, TX
Samuel Hollingsworth Gregory Hollingsworth Hendersonville, TN
Zachary Jagoditz Mike Jagoditz Cincinnati, OH
Kyla Kelley Chrystal Kelley Springdale, PA
Katelynn Lambert Bruce Lambert Oak Creek, WI
Melissa Lezcano Claudia Shuman Kennesaw, GA
Zachary Litwinowicz John Litwinowicz Cleveland, OH
Jennifer MacKaman Michael MacKaman Shelby, NC
Patrick Magee Mitchell Magee Dover, DE
Emma Marvel Ken Marvel Charlotte, NC
Jaeun Park Bong-Gyu (Nathan) Park Sylmar, CA
Andrew Proper Daniel Proper Shelby, NC
David Rinehart Scott Rinehart Circleville, OH
Isabelle Schroeder Edward Schroeder Springdale, PA
Justin Sisk John Sisk Huntsville, AL
Emily Streicher Kevin Streicher Chester, SC
Sydney VerDow David VerDow Circleville, OH
Robert Womick Andy Womick Shelby, NC
Cameron Yenche Eric Yenche Carlsbad, CA

Community Scholarship

At least one Community Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student who attends school in a community with a PPG facility.

More information

Please address requests for further information about the NMSC Employee-Child Scholarship Program to:

PPG Foundation
NMSC Employee-Child Scholarship Program
One PPG Place
Pittsburgh, PA  15272

E-Mail:            foundation@ppg.com