PPG: We protect and beautify the world
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Our Focus

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What does it take to protect and beautify the world? All of us. And we believe the most effective way to make a meaningful difference in our communities is to use who we are and what we do best.  
That’s why our community support is focused on the areas where each one of us at PPG can have the most impact – education, community sustainability and employee engagement.
You can find our employees in classrooms sharing their science and technology knowledge and volunteering their time with local nonprofits they care about. You can see our paint brightening the walls of elementary schools and hospitals. You can discover how our grants are supporting robotics labs, chemistry summer camps and color science lessons in communities across the globe to prepare the next generation of engineers and scientists with the enthusiasm and skills to pursue new possibilities. 

At PPG, we’re grateful to our local community partners that help us to fulfill our mission to make our world brighter and more colorful. In 2018, PPG and the PPG Foundation invested more than $9 million to hundreds of community organizations across 28 countries around the world.

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Employee Engagement

We mobilize and support our 47,000+ employees to make a meaningful difference in their local communities through donations, volunteering and more.

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Community Sustainability

We revitalize and beautify neighborhoods around the world, and we transform community spaces through our global COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® projects powered by our products and employee volunteers.

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We enable possibilities and progress through learning, curiosity and discovery; our support centers on hands-on activities that connect science, technology, math and engineering (STEM) concepts to real-life application.

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