PPG: We protect and beautify the world
Imagine a building, gray and dull, in the middle of town. The paint is flaking, windows are broken, and its outside areas have fallen into disrepair. Without lighting, it has become a target for graffiti — a negative presence on the street, the neighborhood, and the community.

Now imagine the impact of a highly skilled workforce volunteering to revitalize it. Applying leading-edge colorful PPG products, painting over graffiti, installing energy efficient windows, refinishing outdoor benches and replacing lights. Imagine the building transformed into a youth community center that offers educational programs that spark an interest in science. Imagine how community members will feel when they now walk past the building and see an explosion of color and brightness. Imagine how it will lift their spirits.

Now imagine it happening all over the world.

That’s just what the Colorful Communities Initiative is all about.

Beginning in 2015, PPG is investing an additional $10 million over 10 years to enhance, protect and beautify the neighborhoods we call home.

Colorful Communities projects represent an opportunity to transform a community space or building to make it brighter and more colorful by leveraging a financial investment, PPG products and the energy and enthusiasm of our employee volunteers.

Around the world we seek to bring new life and vitality to our communities. Together with our community partners and employee volunteers, we will create bright murals for libraries, re-paint dull hospital corridors with uplifting colors, give local classrooms a makeover that brings joy to students, replace graffiti on community buildings with a fresh coat of paint, and more!

Colorful Communities projects are considered on an invitation-only basis throughout the year - learn more.  Have a Colorful Communities project idea?  In the U.S. contact the PPG Local Agent in your location to share information about a potential project.  Outside of the U.S., contact the Contributions Committee Chair for your region.

See how we’re transforming our communities


United States

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Propel Hazelwood

As our inaugural Colorful Communities project, PPG is transforming the Propel School in the neighborhood of Hazelwood.  With the help of over 75 PPG employee volunteers, cheerful colors will cover corridors and classrooms, creating a brighter environment for students to learn and grow. PPG paint experts worked closely with leadership at Propel Schools to make product recommendations and provide color advice that would create the most engaging atmosphere for the students. From Rainbow Bright, to Forsythia Blossom to Red Gumball, PPG color choices are sure to make students smile.

PPG also is providing support for Propel Schools’ Engineering is Elementary program, an engaging curriculum that provides students with hands-on projects to inspire a love – and knowledge – for science. We want our future leaders to not only feel positive and inspired by their surroundings, but also about their possibilities for the future.



Oak Creek, Wisconsin

On Saturday, February 13, 2016, PPG completed a Colorful Communities project in Milwaukee that helped to revitalize the Reiman Aquarium at Discovery World. The project brought together more than 20 PPG volunteers from the nearby Oak Creek, Wisconsin, coatings plant, who spent more than 150 service hours revitalizing the aquarium. PPG provided more than $63,000 to assist with the renovation project, including more than 100 gallons of PPG’s SUPER TECH®, SPEEDHIDE® and VIBRANCE COLLECTION® paint products. PPG is the sole sponsor for the Reiman Aquarium’s new “Weird & Wild: Colorful Freshwater Species from Around the World” exhibit.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - YWCA Homewood-Brushton Child Development Center

The YWCA Homewood-Brushton Child Development & Education Center was the first of four Pittsburgh-area sites in a series of Colorful Communities projects PPG completed in partnership with the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Eight PPG volunteers and family members, along with eight volunteers from the United Way and the YWCA, dedicated their day to painting two childcare classrooms and two corridors. The YWCA also received a special mural to revitalize a heavily used area in the facility, but also inspire a love of reading among the young children who attend the center. The mural was drawn by local Pittsburgh artist Lynne Mack and was painted by the volunteers. 
To complete the project, 12 gallons of PPG PAINTS™ products were used on the classroom and corridors and 24 quarts of MANOR HALL® paint were used in the mural. PPG also provided a $10,000 grant to support YWCA programs pertaining to science, math and technology.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Propel Pitcairn

For the second Colorful Communities project PPG and the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania  partnered to complete, the organizations visited the Propel Charter School in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania. Twelve volunteers painted two classrooms and several hallways with PPG PAINTS™ products. One of the classrooms was transformed into a learning lab with a focus on reading as a lifetime skill, complete with an inspiring mural created by Pittsburgh-area artist Lynne Mack  and then painted by volunteers with a paint-by-numbers approach.

Volunteers also improved the school’s outdoor play areas, which included adding hop scotch and kickball drawings next to the playground, as well as spray painting the playground equipment and two metal benches.

In addition to the beautification work, PPG also offered a $10,000 program grant to Propel Pitcairn to support science, math and technology learning.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Center That CARES, Jeron X. Grayson Community Center

The Jeron X. Grayson Community Center(JXGCC) of the Center That CARES, located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Hill District, was the third site that benefited from PPG and the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s partnership on four Colorful Communities projects.Twenty one members of PPG’s Young Professional Organization painted and decorated the library in a coffeehouse theme and the lounge area with a mural designed by Boom Concepts to create an inspiring environment for 6th through 12th grade students through reading, excellence and the power of knowledge. Volunteers also planted flowers and performed a general clean-up outside the center.

The Center that CARES received a $10,000 grant from PPG to help further its science, math and technology programming.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Shadyside Boys & Girls Club

As PPG’s final Colorful Communities project with the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, 12 volunteers dedicated two days to completely making over a drab classroom at the Boys & Girls Club of Shadyside into a lively space perfect for mentoring, classroom experiences and reading. Other updates included new blinds, shelving, tables, chairs, a couch, carpet and, of course, books.
The facility also received a $10,000 grant from PPG to support programming related to math, science and technology.


 Milan, Ohio - Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum
PPG’s architectural coatings business sponsored a Colorful Communities project at the Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum in Milan, Ohio. Approximately 30 PPG employee volunteers and contractors from Textbook Painting of Lakewood, Ohio, used 50 gallons of PPG PAINTS™ products to protect and beautify the National Historic Landmark site, which dates back to the early 1840s, and the museum’s welcome center. Specific products used included MANOR HALL® paint, TIMELESS® paint and PPG TOP GUN® sealant.

The PPG Foundation also donated $20,000 on behalf of architectural coatings to support the museum’s science, technology, engineering and math education programs. This grant will help the museum to extend its educational activities based on Edison’s experiments and inventions to reach approximately 16,000 students.

Ponce, Puerto Rico - Parque de Bombas
For the first Colorful Communities project in Puerto Rico, 24 employee volunteers dedicated a week to restoring the iconic Parque de Bombas museum in Ponce. More than 200 gallons of high-performance GLIDDEN® and PPG PAINTS™ products with excellent adhesion, fast dry time and weather resistant properties were used to complete the project and will protect the iconic landmark from Puerto Rico’s harsh weather patterns for years to come.



Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Akoma Family Centre is looking much brighter after receiving new revitalizing colors as part of a special painting event. The community recently came together to help renovate this short-term receiving center, which provides an important safe and nurturing place for siblings to wait under the province’s care for long-term foster placement to be secured.

As part of PPG’s Colorful Communities initiative, three Dartmouth-area stores of the DULUX® Paints brand joined forces with community volunteers to use inspiring Dulux Paints colors to enrich the spirits of children and families who are aided by the Akoma Family Centre.  A $15,000 grant was also made to fund purchases of updated furniture and much needed equipment for the makeover project, which is the first Colorful Communities project in Canada. 


Europe/Middle East/Africa

Batley, England

A bright and colorful mural greets the passengers of the renovated Batley Railway Station in England. More than 120 volunteers from PPG’s architectural coatings operations in Birstall, Morley and other local sites used 177 litres of JOHNSTONE’S® paint products in 52 colors to enhance the beauty of the station’s frontage, café and community area, and subway as part of the COLORFUL COMMUNITIES $29,000 investment in the area. In addition, the project promotes practical environmental enhancement works, especially by volunteers for the benefit of the community and train passengers. Passengers and visitors of the station and community members can once again take pride in the Batley Railway Station.


Valenciennes, France

A revitalized art exhibition hall and refreshed grounds are brightening the lives of students, faculty and visitors of the University of Valenciennes in France. A group of 60 employee volunteers from PPG’s Saultain and Marly plants used PPG’s SEIGNEURIE® paint products to add color to this school that, along with Hainaut Cambrésis (UVHC), trains students in plastic and digital art, from licensing through doctorate, for careers ranging from exhibition management to graphic and interactive design to digital scenography. In addition, employees collected materials for students to use in the “Plastic Landscape” exhibition—the first in the transformed hall. Members of the University of Valenciennes community now have a bright, colorful and clean cultural center to experience art.


Bursa, Turkey

PPG employee volunteers helped to create a colorful and happy learning place for children in Bursa, Turkey, as part of the first COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project in that country. Over a series of weekends, a group of approximately 50 PPG employees from the company’s Bursa plants and Istanbul office volunteered their time painting, gardening, and participating in social activities with children served by Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), an organization that provides educational programs and extracurricular activities to children aged 6-14. PPG donated $16,000 to TEGV, along with TRILAK™ brand paint products manufactured by PPG, which were used to brighten and revitalize this important educational resource for area children.

Overtoom, Amsterdam

A freshly painted building and new garden are brightening the lives of residents of the Amsta Karaad facility in Overtoom, Amsterdam. A group of 70 employee volunteers from PPG’s Dutch plants used PPG’s SIGMA® brand paint products to revitalize this important residential care facility that supports over 100 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition, employees worked to beautify the facility’s garden, installing new lounge seats, grass and even a fun trampoline. Residents at Amsta Karaad, ranging in age from 5 to 75, now have a bright and happy space to play and relax. In addition to supplying the paint for this Colorful Communities project, PPG provided a grant of $23,000 to Amsta Karaad.




Cieszyn, Poland

Children in Cieszyn are happily playing at a colorful new playground, thanks to the efforts of PPG employees from the company’s local Industrial Coatings plant.  Approximately 25 employees came together to transform a playspace for children located in Cieszyn’s park, a popular recreational spot for local residents. Employees worked together to install new playground equipment, establish new safety structures, and use Dekoral and Drewnochron products to add bright and uplifting colors that bring joy to the children of the community. PPG provided a grant of nearly $11,000 in support of this Colorful Communities project to the City of Cieszyn.


Alessandria, Italy

PPG is partnering with Fondazione Uspidalet, a local community organization, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the city’s Children’s Hospital with a special renovation. The gray iron gate that surrounds the hospital was re-painted in vivid colors by PPG employee volunteers, providing a more welcoming and positive environment for visitors. Volunteers also brightened the area surrounding the hospital by cleaning and planting the garden area where patients often rest and play.





Asia Pacific


Shanghai, China

More than 250 volunteers, including PPG employees and their families, students and faculty of the Yuyuan Road No.1 Primary School and community representatives of the Changning District, renovated the primary school to bring color and brightness to the community. As part of the third project in China, volunteers used MASTER’S MARK® paint by PPG to renovate the school’s exterior and interior fences as well as playground equipment. In addition, PPG sponsored refurbishing of the campus gate and metal fence and repainting of wooden shelves and sculptures. After refurbishing the campus, PPG volunteers joined students of the school in activities to celebrate Children’s Day. Members of the Yuyuan Road No. 1 Primary School and Shanghai community now have a bright and colorful learning and recreation center. 


Zhangjiagang, China

PPG has completed its eleventh COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project and its second in China. The project used MASTER’S MARK® paint by PPG to renovate and decorate the Zhangjiagang Nansha Primary School’s nearly 1,000-square-meter playground fence with colorful pictures. Approximately 170 volunteers – including PPG employees and families from the Zhangjiagang resin manufacturing site, along with students and faculty of the school – worked together to complete the project.


Clayton, Victoria, Australia

PPG marked the completion of its eighth COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project this week at the site of the soon-to-be-opened Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton, Victoria, Australia, expanding on the company’s existing relationship with the Monash Health Foundation. Over two days, 30 PPG employee volunteers from the company’s Clayton coatings plant worked with a group of 130 enthusiastic students from 16 local primary schools to paint murals on the hoarding surrounding the hospital construction site. PPG donated more than 26 gallons of TAUBMANS™ SUNPROOF™ paint, as well as brushes, rollers, sun hats and t-shirts to complete the work. Once the hospital opens, these murals will be moved and hung inside the hospital.

Tianjin, China

PPG employee volunteers are helping to make the new TEDA Culture and Art Center a bright and welcoming destination for residents and visitors. Located in Tianjin, China, the center provides arts education for children and will serve approximately 1,000 children every month. PPG provided all interior paint for the center including the lobby, corridors and classrooms. Nearly 70 volunteers from PPG’s Tianjin plant came together to paint a special room designated as a "Colorful Classroom" and also partnered with the children on a drawing contest to celebrate the new colorful center. A grant of $24,000 was provided to the TEDA Culture and Art Center to support this Colorful Communities project.
tianjin1.jpg   tianjin2.jpg   tianjin3.jpg
tianjin4.jpg    tianjn5.jpg

Busan, Korea

The Busan project brought together about 100 volunteers – employees of PPG’s local manufacturing facility and their family members – to restore a mural at a local cooperative child-care center using PPG paint products. In addition to creating a more positive and pleasant environment for those who use the facility through this effort, PPG also awarded a $20,000 Colorful Communities grant to the Saha-gu social welfare center, an organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of citizens in the “Gamchun” cultural community in South Korea. The community is known for the murals painted in its alleys.



Latin America

Porto Alegre, Brazil

About 20 volunteers, including PPG employees of the nearby RENNER® Paints facility in Gravataí, used 234 liters of DUCRYL® paints to add color to four floors of the Integrated Support Center – the new headquarters of the Children’s Cancer Institute (ICI) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. As a result of this project, everyone who visits the Integrated Support Center will be welcomed into a more colorful and stimulating environment.


Itagui, Antioquia, Colombia

PPG recently announced the completion of its tenth COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project. About 30 employee volunteers from the company’s Itagui coatings plant used COMEX® brand paint products from PPG-Comex to beautify the facades, windows and handrails of approximately 98 homes in the “La Cruz” neighborhood of Itagui, Antioquia, Colombia.

San Juan del Rio, Mexico

PPG has completed its ninth COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ project and first in Mexico. The project revitalized the auditorium at Mahatma Gandhi secondary school in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico. To complete the work, more than 50 volunteers – composed of PPG employees from the San Juan del Rio coatings manufacturing plant and their families – used more than 1,500 liters (about 396 gallons) of paint products by PPG to beautify the auditorium.


Sumaré, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Colorful Communities project at the Municipal School of Early Childhood Education (Escola Municipal de Educação Infantil, or EMEI) Alfredo Castro Donaire brought together more than 50 volunteers, including PPG employees from the company’s nearby coatings plant. The school, which is attended by 437 students between the ages of 4 and 8, was refreshed with approximately 500 liters of RENNER® paints products donated by PPG to cover numerous interior spaces, including classrooms, hallways, the entryway, sports court and cafeteria.

Sonora, Mexico

More than 45 PPG Comex employees and volunteers from a charitable group joined forces for a Colorful Communities project at Bethel, an orphanage in San Luis Río Colorado that cares for roughly 30 children. PPG provided $20,000 in paints and supplies to fund the project, which included general repairs, painting and the installation of a mural designed by Mexican muralist Jose Manuel Gómez González.


Caldas, Colombia

Facilities at the “Rin Rin Renacuajo” Children’s Home (El Hogar Infantil Rin Rin Renacuajo) and the Santa Ines School (Colegio Santa Inés) in Caldas, Colombia, were brightened through the Colorful Communities program by more than 70 employee volunteers from PPG’s facilities in Medellin. They spent one week hard at work revitalizing the institutions’ classrooms, playground equipment and gardens for the benefit of roughly 600 students. PPG provided approximately $3,000 toward the project, which included 150 gallons of COMEX® and Colpisa paint products.


Monterrey, Mexico

Approximately 100 PPG employees and their family members volunteered two days of their time to complete a Colorful Communities project at DIF Capullos in the municipality of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico. The site is a government facility that provides temporary shelter to children and adolescents who are victims of abuse and family violence. To complete the revitalization of the auditorium, library, computer center and six classrooms, PPG provided about $5,500, which included a donation of COMEX® paints and supplies, and also sponsored a festival for the children served by the facility.

Mexico City, Mexico & Guadalajara, Mexico

PPG Comex sponsored three Colorful Communities projects at educational institutions across Mexico, one in Guadalajara and two in Mexico City. Approximately 100 PPG Comex employees volunteered their time and applied about 86 gallons (236 liters) of COMEX® paint and waterproof coatings to add color and protection to the buildings – the Maka Wiener Association in the Iztapalapa neighborhood; the Foundation for Educational Assistance (FAE) in the Chimalhuacan suburb; and the Association for Children and Teenagers in Harmony in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The total investment for the projects was estimated to be $66,000.



San Juan del Rio, Mexico

For the second Colorful Communities project in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, Mexico, approximately 100 volunteers worked for three days to revitalize the park, playground and traffic school on the grounds of the Headquarters of Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation in the La Floresta neighborhood. PPG provided more than $11,000 in support of the project, which included donated supplies and COMEX® brand paints which volunteers used to paint, make repairs to structures and systems, and perform maintenance to bicycles and tricycles on the site’s property. The revitalization effort benefited about 12,000 local residents. This project showcased PPG’s support for the mission of the Headquarters of Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation – to encourage the active and responsible participation of local residents in improving their security through promoting a culture of prevention – by making the public area brighter and safer. It also promoted the recreational use of the site, with activities such as dance lessons and fitness classes being hosted by PPG on the weekends.